Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Tigger

I've posted a few pictures of our first Dalmatian, Dottie, but today we're celebrating Tigger's birthday. Tigger was our second Dalmatian. She joined our family in 1991 as a seven-week-old puppy. This is a photo of Tigger as a pup. She was a beauty! While Dottie was somewhat shy and timid, Tigger was as outgoing as they come. Some of that rubbed off on Dottie, and the two of them were great together and had many fun adventures.

Happy Birthday, Tigger!


  1. Oh my, what a face! She was *adorable*...Happy birthday, Tigger!

  2. I knew at one time the the breeding was on Dottie and Tigger but the memory isn't what it once was. Please refresh it for me. She is so cute!

  3. Barb -

    Tigger was from Stonehaus Dals out your way in Latrobe. I don't remember their registered names, but her dam was Bouquet and her sire was Oliver. She was a lovely girl with a great temperament, although I don't believe these folks are breeding Dals any longer.