Monday, June 8, 2009

More Jazz Agility

Here are the two videos from Jazz's runs at the NADAC trial yesterday. She ended up with four clean runs, although all were just over time. In any other venue, these would have been qualifying runs. I knew when we entered NADAC that we weren't likely to make course time, but this was a good location for Jazz's first trial, and NADAC has fun games like Touch 'n Go and Tunnelers for Jazz to play.

First up was the Touch 'n Go run. We did very well, with the exception of some confusion on the A-frame. She was interested in that the day before, too. The contact obstacles at this trial had new rubber contacts, and Jazz has never been on a surface like that before. As you can see, the farther into our run we got, the more confident Jazz became and the faster she ran. She didn't appear to be too stressed and she ran happy, which was the goal for the weekend.

Jazz's last run of the weekend was Tunnelers. Again, she ran clean and was just two seconds over time. Consistent with her other runs, she ran faster as we got farther into the course. I think we're very close to putting it all together and running really nicely together! We'll try a few more runs at the CPE trial in the end of June. I don't want to push Jazz too far too fast, but I think she enjoyed her opportunity to get out and run agility like her big sister Tess!


  1. I am green with envy and proud as a peacock all at the same time. Because I knew and loved so many of Jazz's ancestors when I watch the videos I can see bits and pieces of dogs from the past. Thank you Lisa for loving and training Jazz and letting this old grandma watch so many dogs I have loved live on!

  2. I think you both look great! Thank you so much for sharing. I bet once Jazz starts to understand the game a little more, you'll have no problem making time! NADAC is a very challenging venue when it comes to speed. Peyton sends his "good" spotty girl kisses. :)