Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circus Fun

The Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club held its annual Fun Day in the Park this past Sunday. This year, it was a circus theme and we all were supposed to have a circus act with our Dals. Below is Tess, the clown, and Jazz, the man-eating, liver-spotted Dalmatian lion!!

This is Jazz's mom Gia (on left) in her pearls and circus tutu, with Jazz (on right) in her lion mane. Doesn't Jazz look like her Mama?
Jazz and Tess clownin' around

Jazz and Tess in the circus collars that our Fun Day chairperson had for all the dogs

It was a beautiful day in the park and a really fun afternoon for us and our Dals (we even had a pair of Whippets, a Basset, and a Yorkie in attendance with their Dal family members). Thanks to the folks at GPDC who put this all together. I know my girls had fun learning to be circus dogs!!

More photos and a link to the slideshow from the Fun Day at the GPDC blog.

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