Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tess - AX Title!

Tess earned her AKC Agility Excellent (AX) title today at the Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club trial in Cheswick, PA. Tess and Jim had a beautiful first place run and are now in Excellent B in both Standard and Jumpers with Weaves. Tess will be working on her MX and MXJ titles, each of which require 10 qualifying scores to title. Go, Tess!


  1. Congratulations! Now, I was there, but I somehow missed you, maybe because Maisie kept dragging me around in circles.. silly pup.
    your pal, Morgan

  2. Woooo-hoooo! That's great, big congrats to Jim & Tess from your FL spotty fan club! :)

  3. Way to go Jim and Tess!
    In honor of Tess I'm going to wear "her" T-shirt to work this week!!
    GREAT shirts Lisa!! Thanks.

  4. Congrats guys! I think Jim and Tess are becoming overachievers. GREAT JOB.

  5. WHOOO HOO! Way to go Jim and Tess!!!