Monday, September 21, 2009

Driving the Ferrari

Our dear friend Mariann is sidelined with a medical issue and can't run her Border Collie Sammie right now, so Jim, as he put it, was handed the "keys to the Ferrari" and got to run Sammie in a USDAA trial yesterday!

The video below is from Jim and Sammie's Gamblers run, in which they qualified and got first place!! This is the very first time that Sammie has run in a trial with anyone other than Mariann. You can see him looking for her at the start line, but once he and Jim started running together, Sammie did great! Jim did a pretty good job, too, considering he's used to driving a slow and steady sedan, not a fast, flashy Ferrari!!

Sammie is an awesome dog, and Jim had a fun time running with him yesterday. He did double duty, as he also ran Tess, who got a first place Q in her PII Standard run, along with first place runs in PII Gamblers and PII Pairs.

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