Friday, March 9, 2012

Agile Puppy

Part of our puppy agility training is for Indy to learn to collect himself in preparation for jumping.  To teach that, we started with him getting into a copy paper box and then progressively smaller boxes until we've gotten down to this blue bowl, which is about 10" in diameter.

If you think this is good, our puppy agility instructor Jan has an even smaller bowl, and Indy had all four feet in it for the first time at class last evening!

We've having a blast at the puppy agility class, which involves a lot of body awareness training and flatwork in preparation for agility.  We also do some trick training in that class for conditioning, and Indy is loving it.  Stay tuned for video of his latest "trick"!  (I'm waiting for some good weather so we can go outside and get good video.)

1 comment:

  1. The caption on that last picture should be "my feet are just so tired and sore, I think I will just soak them for a while".