Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Cheers!

My apologies for the outdated photo.  This is Emily on the left and Indy curled up on the right.  This photo was taken the weekend we brought Indy home in November 2011.

We are so proud of Indy's sister, Rim Rock's Raise Your Glass, "Emily."  Today, in her very first AKC dog show, she was selected as Winners Bitch for a 3-point major toward her Championship and went on to be chosen as Best of Opposite Sex!!  Although we're not too savvy about conformation, we understand that judges don't often award majors out of the puppy class, but Emily's charm, good looks, and fantasic movement earned her the top spot among bitches.

To make this win even more special, Emily is a normal uric acid Dalmatian.  Her owner and breeder, Barb, has put the health of these wonderful dogs above all else, which is why we wanted Indy, and today she and Emily proved that good health and good breeding can certainly come together for the betterment of all Dalmatians and the people who love them.  After years of controversy, LUA/NUA Dals were finally able to be AKC registered in November of 2011.  In fact, Emily and Indy's litter was the first full litter of LUA/NUA puppies to be registered.

So, tonight we'll raise our glass in a toast to Barb and Emily, with our congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the show ring!


  1. Blush! Thanks for being there to cheer us on. It meant a lot! Emily also would like to thank you for her Newt. Hugs to Indy and hope he is feeling good!

  2. That picture is adorable! YAY Barb and Emily!!!!!! That is awesome! Congratulations!

    How's Indy doing? Any success in keeping him quiet? (hahahaha)