Monday, March 19, 2012


Another part of our puppy agility training has been to teach Indy to ride a skateboard. Since he gets on the skateboard with his front feet and pushes with his back feet, it gives him better rear-end awareness, and it also teaches him that it's fine for things to move under his feet.
Here's a short video of clips of Indy skateboarding in my neighbor's driveway yesterday afternoon. You can see his tail wagging constantly. He loves this stuff! We are going to get him a bigger skateboard so he'll learn to push off and put all four feet on the board.

Jan and George at You Go Little Dog, where we do our puppy agility classes, are always looking for new ways to challenge Indy. Last week he was backing his rear feet up a ramp until he was doing a "handstand." Great shoulder strengthening! I'll try to get some photos or video of that when we're at class this week. Indy is ready and willing to try about anything we ask him to do. He is so much fun and such a smart little guy. As much as I wondered if adding a third Dal was the right decision for us at the time, I can't imagine our life without Indy.


  1. What a clever little dog and what a great trainer he has. I have seen him skateboard and it is a hoot.

  2. Tears of joy in my eyes watching my sweet little baby growing into a happy, friendly much loved member of a very special family! Thanks Lisa and Jim!