Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bark in the Park

Today, we volunteered to help our training club, Splash 'n Dash, do agility demos at an event called Bark in the Park, which is a fundraising event for Animal Friends.

Before our agility demo, we were able to enjoy the festivities at Bark in the Park.  The firefighters from Peebles Volunteer Fire Company brought their truck to fill the doggie pools for all the dogs to enjoy.

The firefighters loved seeing the Dalmatians and invited us to take pictures.  I love this shot!  As seems to happen to us frequently, when you gather 3 Dalmatians for a photo, people with cameras appear from nowhere, and that was no exception today.  The spotty dogs felt like stars surrounded by paparazzi!!

Here's a photo of the volunteers from Splash 'n Dash.  

Part of the event included a mini car show, so we photographed the Dals in front of this old beauty.

No outing is complete without a picture with a guy dressed as a giant ice cream cone from Bruster's Ice Cream!!

Lest you think we goofed off the whole time, here are some pictures of the dogs doing the demos.  This is Indy showing everyone how to do the cavalettis, which are poles elevated off the ground to help dogs become aware of all their feet and lift them over the poles.

Jazz on the pause table during an agility demo.

Here's Tess introducing a young handler to the sport of agility.  Tess loves agility so much that she'll run for anyone, and she thrilled several kids by letting them lead her through the agility course.

We learned today that if you put three Dalmatians in the middle of any event like this, you draw a crowd!!  Our agility club thought that the spotted dogs were a great marketing tool...and Tess, Jazz, and Indy certainly enjoyed all the attention!

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