Friday, August 3, 2012

The Bauer Dals

Here's the last installment of photos from our session with photographer Bethany Brown.  As you can see, we were successful in getting all three Dals in the same photo!

This is probably my favorite of the group photos.  Doesn't Indy look BIG compared to the girls?  Oh, yeah, Indy is BIG compared to the girls!  He's very lanky, very long, and he's taller than Tess...and, oh, man, can those long legs run FAST!!

Three sweet Dals.  We took pictures of these three in all different positions, from sitting, lying down, and even with Jazz standing over Indy while he was lying down!  Bethany was very creative, and we got dozens of great photos.  If you ever need a photographer in the northeastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, we'd highly recommend Bethany.

We're all in our places with smiles on our faces!

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