Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kingdom's All That Jazz

Next in the series of photos is Jazz.  She's my serious girl.  While the other two were goofing off, she was taking her job as a model very seriously!

Here's Indy putting a smile on Jazz's face, as usual.  Jazz really loves Indy and they play endlessly.

See, I told you she was serious...

...and so very sweet!  I don't think I could ask for a better Dal companion than Jazz.  She's a once-in-a-lifetime treasure!

No photo shoot would be complete without trying to wrangle three active Dalmatians to get a picture of them all together.  Tune in to our next post to see how we did!


  1. It seems as though this little brown girl was the recipient of Mama Gia's sweet genes, daddy Tolliver's sweet genes and lots of amazing work by by her loving and dedicated owner. What a great combination.

    1. And don't forget that Jazz also had the benefit of good and careful breeding, as well as a wonderful start to her life while she was with her breeder. It's no wonder Jazz goes happy-crazy every time she sees you! You made our job as owners so much easier with all the time and care you put into raising these puppies. We'd welcome a Kingdom Dal into our family any time!!

  2. I love that second picture of her! Belly rubs to the whole crew!