Monday, February 27, 2012

Comfy Critter

One thing we've learned about Indy:  He's not afraid to "let it all hang out" and get comfortable when he naps!!

Here's Indy snoozing upside down (a favorite position) in the dog bed in my office.

This is Indy on the couch in the sun room just last evening while we were watching TV.  By the way, Indy also likes to watch TV, especially programs with dogs. 

We've seen how Indy likes to use Jazz for a pillow.  Apparently, she also makes a pretty good foot rest!

Lastly, here's another shot from yesterday.  It was late afternoon by the time we returned from an agility trial and there was only a small wedge of sunshine coming into our sun room.  Indy laid himself across the arm of the couch with his head resting on the end table so he could fit himself into that patch of sun!  It was fun to watch the problem solving that got him into this position, too.  He had to really think about how to position himself for maximum sun exposure.


  1. Boy is that a familiar sight. Gage's preferred way of sleeping is also on his back with his legs spread wide. How clever of Mr. Indy to work out the sun beam situation. Another favorite past time for my two.

  2. LOL - What a silly boy! I am having fun watching him grow up! My boys love the sun as well - though Steeler prefers to sleep all snuggle up with a blanket.