Monday, February 6, 2012


Indy stretched out on the couch

This boy really has some long legs!

At nearly five months old, Indy is still all legs.  There are times when it seems like the legs operate separately from the body, but he's also had some moments of brilliance.  He is using the doggie fitness equipment, including the egg-shaped big ball, and he's learning lots of body awareness in his puppy agility class.  Last week in class, we did an exercise where the puppy sits right between your legs and puts a front paw on each of your shoes and "walks" along on your feet.  Indy made it nearly halfway across the room doing this!  He also excelled at a "surfing" exercise which involved a plank suspended between two balance discs, so I think this boy has some beach bum potential, and we're really excited to take him to the Outer Banks on vacation in May!

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  1. He needs those legs to carry that beautiful face around.