Thursday, February 16, 2012

Play Time!

We were at a CPE agility trial in Latrobe this past weekend, which translates to play time for Indy!  While his sisters were busy running agility, Indy was making friends, both human and canine.

This beautiful girl is Cocoa, our friend Shari's Belgian Malinois.  Cocoa is about 18 months old and has just started running agility.

 Cocoa and Indy enjoyed their wrestling match.  Several times I thought Cocoa would launch Indy into space with her powerful legs, but she was a great playmate and Indy kept coming back for more!

Despite Cocoa's intense drive and her love of her tug toys, she was more than happy to share them with Indy and played so nicely with him.  Shari has done an awesome job with Cocoa's training and they are a great team.  Cocoa is doing very well in agility and has already titled in flyball, too!

Next up on Indy's play list is Cooper, a handsome Flat-Coated Retriever who was born on September 29, so he's just a few weeks younger than Indy.

Indy and Cooper spent lots of time happily rolling and wrestling.  They were so cute playing together that they attracted a crowd of onlookers!  Nothing like watching puppies play.

Cooper's big brother Remmington plays agility with Tess and Jazz and Cooper is going to start agility training, too.  Cooper's Mom says he's already doing some awesome retrieving work.   Since Cooper and Indy are so close in age, it will be fun to watch these two grow up and start to compete.

Speaking of competing, during all this play there actually was an agility trial going on!!  Tess and Jazz both had a good weekend, qualifying in 7 out of 9 runs each.  Jazz finished her Level 4 title and even finished a couple more Level 5 classes.  She's a little over 15 runs away from her C-ATCH and has several qualifying runs in the Championship level, too.  Tess continues to run well, racking up the points towards her C-ATE, which requires 20 qualifying scores in each of the seven classes in the Championship level, along with an additional 2000 points from any classes of the handler's choosing.  That's a lot of runs, but Tess is about halfway there.

Despite the snowy weather, we had a great time this past weekend.  I'm so thrilled that Indy just loves every dog he meets and can't wait to play and wrestle with them.  He's got a sweet temperament and is such a joy.  Even Tess and Jazz spoil him!

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