Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Indy is doing well and is fitting nicely into our family. He's doing a fantastic job at housebreaking and he's been a very good boy at night. The pet sitters came for the first time yesterday, and they are in love with him! Tess and Jazz continue to do very well with their puppy brother. In fact, Jazz is totally smitten with Indy and plays with him endlessly.

Here's Tess and Indy soaking up some rays this past weekend.

Jazz and Indy napping on the couch this morning.

Not only has Indy bonded well with the girls, but there's been a fair amount of male bonding going on between Jim and Indy, too! Here they are sacked out on the couch after the agility trial on Sunday. I think Jim is just enjoying having another boy in the house! We're now even in the battle of the sexes...me, Tess, and Jazz and Jim, Indy, and Jim's parrott, Billy. Of course, we all know that girls rule and boys drool!!!

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