Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Brags

It was a great weekend at the CPE agility trial in Latrobe. Two of our friends got their CPE Agility Trial Champion (C-ATCH) titles! On Saturday, Shaina finished her C-ATCH with a joint effort by her owner Lois and Lois' grandson CJ. Lois got the Jackpot run they needed and CJ finished the title with a very nice Standard run. Congratulations, Lois, CJ, and Shaina!

On Sunday, we had another championship day when Mariann and our adopted Border Collie Sammie got their C-ATCH with a great Snooker run. Mariann has had many setbacks with her health, but her goal was always to get back to running Sammie, and she didn't let him down!

On a smaller scale, Jazz finished her Level 4 Fun Games title this weekend. She's now in Level 5 in everything but Standard, where she's still working on the 8 required Level 4 legs. Tess also had a good weekend, coming within seconds of another perfect weekend. She was just a few seconds over time in the last run of the day, but all her other runs were qualifiers in the Championship level.

Jazz flying over a jump

Indy also had a good weekend. Here he is opening a puppy gift from Lois, George, CJ, Toby, and Shaina. They got him a wonderful BLUE fleece coat and a BLUE dog toy. At least now the boy has some things that aren't pink!!

Indy was really good at the trial. He behaved well in the ex pen with the girls and did plenty of socializing with people and dogs. He got to see his sister Emily again when she and Barb stopped by on Sunday for some more socialization. Here's Indy and Tess napping in the ex pen.

Congratulations again to Lois, CJ, and Shaina and Mariann and Sammie! We're proud of you all!

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