Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creature Comforts

I do much of my work at home, and as you might imagine, getting anything done with a puppy around can be tough! So that I could work on some transcripts, I set up a small pen in my office (along with the two dog beds already in there for the girls) and put a little bed in it for Indy. As you can see below, he thought that was a fabulous idea!

It's amazing how many different positions puppies think are comfortable. In just a short time, Indy went from lying in the bed normally to lying with his head out of the bed to lying upside down in the bed and then lying upside down and half out of the bed with front feet straight in the air!!

So, after all the effort to set up the pen so I could work, I didn't get much done anyway because I was too busy snapping pictures of Indy in the little dog bed ;)


  1. Such a cute puppies. I love reading your post because I feel the same way, too. I really enjoy watching my pet as he is making various sleeping position. I can tell, watching your pet sleeps is really a best way to relax your mind from stress.

  2. Sorry you aren't getting your work done but it sure is fun watching that cute little monkey. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. That last position is Gage's preferred sleeping position