Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Chillin'

Here's a few pictures of the dogs relaxing over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Indy's big Thanksgiving accomplishment is that he's now able to get on the couch by himself! It's no longer a safe haven for the girls, and Indy has proven that he likes to be as comfortable as the next dog!

Here's Indy relaxing with his Uncle Ray and Uncle Harry at my sister's house on Thanksgiving. Harry is blind, and Indy seems to have a good sense for who could use some puppy lovin'. He was very good about keeping his sharp puppy teeth in his mouth and snuggled right in with Harry for a nap. Indy was a very good Thankgiving house guest, and this was the first time that many in my family got to meet him. I think he made a good impression ;)

Indy and Jazz sharing the afghan on the couch

Tess and Jazz snuggled together on the couch, which is rare. Tess seems to prefer to cuddle with people and not with other dogs, so it was a surprise when I caught her and Jazz snoozing together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The girls and I joined our friends Mariann, Jim, and Sammie for a walk in the park in the morning, and then we headed out to my sister's for a fantastic Thanksgiving meal and lots of good company. This evening, we're meeting up with friends for pizza and some agility practice. We are blessed with a loving family, good friends, and three wonderful Dalmatians. Who could ask for more?

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