Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Therapy

My brother-in-law Jack had a knee replaced last week and has been in a rehab/nursing facility for therapy, so Indy and I went to visit him yesterday. This was actually Indy's second pet therapy visit, because he went to a local assisted living facility with his litter when he was just 5 weeks old! Indy was an instant hit with everyone yesterday. In fact, we were starting to wonder if we'd ever get to visit Jack, as we had to travel down a long hallway to get to his room and we were stopped every two feet by someone who wanted to visit with the puppy!

Indy did a fabulous job. He was friendly with everyone he met and did well with the sights and sounds of a place like this. He visited the therapy department and took his first elevator ride. When we finally made it to my brother-in-law's room, he settled in nicely and played and then took a nap.

Indy's favorite part of the visit was playing with Jack's socks! He loved the blue non-skid socks he was wearing, and Jack would wiggle his toes and Indy would play with his feet. Doesn't take much to entertain a puppy!

I was thrilled with how well Indy did yesterday. I was a little apprehensive that he'd get mouthy with those puppy teeth, but he didn't do that at all. The folks there were so impressed with him and couldn't believe he was just 9-1/2 weeks old. So many people commented that they just wanted to take Indy home that we were telling them to take a number! I hope this was the beginning of a long pet therapy career for Indy. Tess and Jazz are both therapy dogs and it's such a rewarding experience to see how much joy they bring to people.

As for Jack, well, he promised Indy that he'd wear the blue slipper socks on Thanksgiving when Indy comes to visit their house for the holiday ;)

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